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Crazy Places to Have Sex: 21 People Get Real About the Wildest Places They’ve Had Sex

Crazy Places to Have Sex: 21 People Get Real About the Wildest Places They’ve Had Sex

By Andi Breitowich

Sex should always be hot, steamy, and intimate, but there is something particularly alluring about sex in a new location. Of course, doing it in the bed can be just as fun, but having sex somewhere crazy and new can make it that much hotter. If you are looking for some inspiration for new and exciting places to have sex you have come to the right place! 

Generally speaking, wild sex can mean a lot of things. Maybe you try out a new remote controlled vibrator or cock ring. Or, maybe you’re extra generous on the lube to slip and slide wherever your heart desires. But for today’s purposes, we’re exploring the most erotic places people have had sex. You know, the good, the bad, the hot, and the not. After all, here at Pepper, we believe nothing is off limits. 

Read on to hear 21 people get real about the wildest places they’ve had sex.


  1. “I had sex in the dugout of my high school baseball field on July fourth while the fireworks were going off.” Claire 


  1. “A thrift store dressing room… It's a great memory really. I cringe thinking about it now, though, and that there were other people nearby.” Brooke


  1. “It was my girlfriend's birthday, so myself, her parents, and all her friends went to dinner at a super fancy Brazilian steakhouse. While at dinner she started rubbing on my leg and really teasing me because she had a big thing for public affection. During the dinner she went to the bathroom and when she came back, she dropped her panties in my lap as she sat down and asked me what I was going to do about it. Mind you all her friends and parents were at this table, so we had to keep it together. Later, I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom and I noticed that this restaurant had individual locking bathrooms. This was good. We continued to sit and tease each other at her dinner while everyone gave speeches about her, and we celebrated her birthday. Her dad paid the check, and everyone was leaving, but I was going to drive her home. So, instead of walking to my car with her parents, I said I needed to use the bathroom and that I’d see them at the house. She and I went to the bathroom, and she jumped on me. We were making out while I was holding her around her legs like it was a movie. I put her down on the sink and she was fast to take my dick out and we had sex for a passionate 15 minutes in that bathroom under her dress with my suit and tie still on. It was so dirty and so fucking hot. The two-hour dinner foreplay made us so hot for each other that we couldn’t contain ourselves for a second when we had an opportunity to rip into each other.” Jacob


  1. “In my college library staircase and in a college classroom on a Sunday, while we were living on campus. I really hope there were no cameras.” Hannah


  1. “The beach, of course. I wish I could say it was darker than it actually was.” Kelly


  1. “I once had sex in a lofted bed, and every time I got on top, I would hit my head on the ceiling. His dad was also playing piano in the next room!” Lauren


  1. “On a porch overlooking a valley.” Sam


  1. “We did every single hole on a golf course all in one night and we were able to do a different position at every hole. It was very fun.” Alex


  1. “The beach, the chapel in college, the business school, the roof of a school building, and a Porta Potty.” Ashley


  1. “This guy had a hot tub on his deck! I almost drowned but it was great sex.” Julia


  1. “Probably in my car in the parking lot of my high school. We couldn’t find time to ourselves anywhere else, but it was not ideal. So hot and sweaty and not great privacy. But you gotta do what you gotta do!” Sarah


  1. “In the bed of a pickup truck under the stars.” James


  1. “After an away soccer game, I was changing after we got back to campus. He snuck into the girl’s locker room and we had sex. Thank God the coach did not walk in.” Isabel


  1. “I had sex outside in the woods by a lake during the day.” Drew    


  1. “My ex told me he had sex in a cemetery as if THAT is a flex, but the wildest we did was the accessibility bathroom of my college dorm building. Not wild enough for him apparently.” Blair


  1. “On a hike in Eugene, specifically, Mount Pisgah! We went off the trail at the top of the hike and into the weeds, literally. I definitely had a few brambles in my pants afterwards, but it was honestly fun and comfortable.”Molly


  1. “The laundry room floor.” Liza


  1. “I left a college party with a guy three years older than me that I had met two minutes before. I had sex with him on the balcony of our campus observatory!” Val


  1. “One time we were on a hike and were just so horny. We found a secret end of the trail that was a dead end and there happened to be a tractor. We ended up fucking on the tractor. We climbed up and then we ended up with me bent over the wheel and him hitting it from the back. It was very fun.” Alison


  1. “We pressed the emergency stop button in an elevator and went at it because we couldn’t wait any longer. Now that I think about it, though, I’m sure the security team was watching since there were cameras.” Aidan


  1. “Who doesn’t like wedding reception sex, right? During the ceremony we decided to start the night off with a bang (pun intended) so we ended up on the hood of a foreign car. It was pretty hot until we noticed the reception window was right there. Needless to say the owner of the car was less than impressed… oops. Good times!” Haley


Morale of the story? Nothing is off limits and anywhere and everywhere can be a playground. When dreaming up new places to have sex, say yes, have fun, and take a risk. Who knows, maybe you’ll have the best sex of your life somewhere you never knew existed. 

~ All names have been changed and all responses have been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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