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The 20 Best Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Try

The 20 Best Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Try

When it comes to sex toys, it's all about finding what feels right and best for you. Whether you're a sex toy novice who's looking to explore or a well-seasoned vet in personal intimacy, we promise there's something out there for everyone. Today's deep dive: the best sex toys for gay men. Sex toys are meant to stimulate, heighten, prolong, and intensify sex - whether solo or with a partner/s - and here at Pepper, we've got you and your friends covered because we've taken the liberty to curate this sex toy chat sheet. The following toys are great for anyone, but we've carefully selected the best toys that will intimately cater to queer and/or gay men. 

Before we rock your socks off, though, if there's one thing we highly recommend, it's lube. Not only does the perfect lubricant add a little slip and slide to make your experience more comfortable and erotic, but a silicone lubricant is also great for foreplay, steamy massages, and whatever makes you feel confident, sexy, and satisfied. 

Okay, ready to indulge and get this party started? Keep scrolling for the 20 best sex toys for gay men. 

1. Glass Anal Training Set

If you’re looking to test the waters and explore anal play, this 3-piece glass training set is the perfect go-to. Each plug varies in size to prepare you for your journey through the back door, and the shatter-proof glass is body-safe. Not to mention, glass is also great for temperature play if you’re looking to switch things up - whether you’re alone or with a partner/s – and makes for an easy clean-up process post-pleasure!


2. TR Male Sexual Wellness System

Looking to last longer? Go for this pleasure device that trains your body to be right on time (if you know what we mean!). The revolutionary system uses anatomically designed pleasure tools with subtle vibrations and self-heating functions to guide you through exercises and challenges that will build stamina and foster the mind-body connection. Now, you might be thinking ‘Huh?! How does this work?’ Just trust the process, because this toy promises to make learning fun and realistically teach you to last three times longer in bed. Yep, it’s true and you need to test it out for yourself. 

3. Rush Stroker

Pleasure in the palm of your hand? Say less. This tactile stroker offers the ultimate connection with a combination of intense vibrations and strong pulsations. On top of that, the sensually textured silicone offers an adjustable fit, so it’s perfectly crafted for your needs. 

Try this alone or with a partner/s, because if there’s one thing we know… it’s that this stroker will rock your socks off. Literally. 

4. Verge 

No one will ever argue with more sensation, so if you’re looking to level up your pleasure game, this c-ring is a-must. It’s worn around the base of the penis and testes to increase stimulation around the perineum–that uber-sensitive zone on the male body. 
Wear it during penetration, oral sex, solo play, or even a night out, because let’s be honest… the pleasing never ends, and you may never want to take it off. Oh, and it’s small enough to avoid any awkwardness. You’re welcome. 

5. Egg Series 6 Pack

Pleasure to your penis is the name of the game here. With six disposable super-stretching elastomer sleeves, each egg comes in a variety of textures to bring you a real treat. Each sleeve contains its own unique design and is meant to stimulate arousal and offer otherworldly pleasure. 

It doesn’t get much better than that, but each egg also comes with a mini lubricant pack so you can stretch, stroke, and squeeze to your heart's desire. Only warning: you may want to stock up because once you experience these Tenga eggs, you may never want to go back.

6. Ohnut

Sometimes a little customized penetration is just what you need to hit the spot (literally) and this Ohnut offers a buffer that slides onto a penis to do just that. The toy acts as a soft buffer during sex to help you and your partner/s find the perfect fit and the skin-like material makes for a comfortable experience at all times. 

Plus, since the toy can be incrementally adjusted, this will help you and a partner/s explore to find what feels the best for *both* of you. It’s a win-win. 

7. Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider

Deepen your anal capabilities with this sleek beaded slider. It’s made with silky, body-safe glass and retains heat and cold for increased stimulation. And of course, the hi-durability handle offers greater control and ease when retrieving to make your experience smooth sailing. 

Our suggestion? Load up on this hybrid lubricant to take this droplet slider to the next level. No need to thank us! We know it’s that good. 

8. Pepper Winged Cock Ring

Simply put, this c-ring is a total necessity, because, for less than $20, you’re about to take your pleasure to a whole new world. It’s easy to slide on and off (because sometimes you just need a quicky) and helps you stay harder for longer. 

Comfortable? Check. Waterproof? Check. Body-safe? Check. Dishwasher safe? Check. Mind-blowing orgasms? Check. 

9. Dildo Plug P&G

This sleek dildo is beautifully designed to mimic all the curves and angles of a real penis, so you can expect to max out your pleasure. Composed of liquid silicone, and a supple but flexible shaft, this toy promises to target the prostate and p-spot. 

For best results, apply silicone lubricant and insert it into your or your partner's anus. Enjoy, rinse, and repeat.

10. Cacao Blossom Massage Candle

Okay, technically this isn’t a toy, but nothing says sexy like a sweet, scented candle that melts into a sensual massage oil. With natural ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax, this candle offers a blend of chocolate, sandalwood, and vanilla that magically transforms into an ultra-hydrating, ultra-sexy massage oil. 

Light the flame, kiss away, and blow it out. We’ll leave the rest to you. 

11. Atom Plus, The Next Generation In Cock Rings

Bring solo play to new heights and extra sensation to partnered sex because this dual vibrating cock ring promises to serve. The unique ring combines the power of two motors – one focused on your perineum and one focused just above your penis – to bring you to the brink. 

And while you can expect pleasure all around, the five vibration settings will score major points every. single. time. The Atom Plus is also 100 percent waterproof and comes with a travel pouch, so let your imagination run free. 

12. VeDO Hummer 2.0

Sometimes a splurge is necessary, and this hands-free blow job machine is totally worth the hype. With five intensity levels and five speeds (that’s up to 109 suction impulses per minute), you can customize your experience based on your desires, needs, and preferences. This toy is perfect to amp up your edging game, and the remote control option makes it easy for a little dominant partner play. Plug in the machine, lather on the water-based lube, and go to town. You won’t regret it. 

13. Booty Plug Luxury Set 2

A luxury booty plug set is just as hot as it sounds because this toy comes with two fancy anal plugs – one for you and one for your partner. Made from medical-grade, gold-plated steel, each plug is totally body safe and allows you to feel (and look!) your best. 

All you have to do is choose the most comfortable size for you, insert the plug into your rectum (with plenty of lube, of course), and the world is your oyster. Wear it to dinner and a movie or insert it for solo and/or partner play. Either way, you can’t go wrong. 

14. Double Pleasure Glass Set

Take your anal play to the next level with these elegantly classy dildos. Each toy is made to offer limitless possibilities for pleasure and the must-have set of two is perfect for a little partner play – A.K.A one for each of you! 

The sleek glass also offers the ideal shape to hit your most sensitive spots and satisfy your every need. 

15. Vibrating Dotted Glass Plug

If you’re craving deep, rumbling vibrations, we’ve got you covered because this vibrating dotted glass plug is the perfect fit. Target the P-spot with ease with this user-friendly 4-inch plug that features a curved tip to achieve powerful orgasms. 
The plug also comes with a remote control, so let your partner dictate your journey. Sit back, relax, and get ready to rumble. 

16. Crescendo

With a slim but powerful form, this bendable vibrator is perfect for personalized pleasure. Make your own fun with the shape-shifting toy that promises to satisfy whatever spot you’re aiming for. 

It comes with six powerful motors, so you can expect a whole lot of sensation and a lot of feel-good quaking. Twist and bend the Crescendo to your heart’s desire and embrace the unknown because there are endless possibilities.  

17. B-Vibe Masster’s Anal Education Set

Take your booty play up a notch with this anal education set and prepare to be schooled. Complete with a set of large anal beads, a training cone, a deep wash enema, a lube applicator, a thorough guide to anal play, and gloves, this training kit has it all.

Each toy is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean, so you can experience a safe backend journey with all the goodness. 

18. Pepper Ring-A-Ding-Ding

Find the ultimate fit with one of these three unique silicone rings. Made to make you stay harder for longer, each ring cuts off blood flow to the penis to extend your orgasm and prolong sex. 

We’ve got the logistics under control because each ring is comfortable, stretchy, soft, and waterproof. All you have to do is apply lubricant on the penis or on the inside of the c-ring, wear it for up to 20 minutes, and enjoy. 

19. Avant Dildos

Sometimes all you need is a hand-sculpted, naturally shaped dildo that is designed for real-life pleasure, and this dildo does just that. With a strong suction cup and silky smooth, platinum-cured, silicone shaft, this toy is an A+ for solo and/or partner play.

It also comes in three different colorways, so pick your favorite and get at it. Or get one of each so you can swap out styles depending on your mood!

20. Flip Zero Ev

Give your penis the gift of a sensory playground and indulge in this manually controlled toy. With pressure pads, vacuum-like suctions, and two vibration motors, you can expect deep sensory stimulation all over. 

The Tenga Flip Zero Ev is also fully waterproof, rechargeable, and reusable so you can explore alone or with a partner. Just don’t be surprised if this is the apex of pleasure because we warned you… wild orgasms are up ahead. 

That is our unofficial roundup of sex toys for gay men. If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities for pleasure, we know the feeling. There are endless options out there for queer and gay men to explore, play, and enjoy. Our recommendation? Try more than one toy and keep coming back for more! 

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the importance of cleaning your toys, so try out this Pepper toy cleaner to avoid any infections so you can keep on playing again and again. 

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