Meet the Makers: Vannesa Cuccia of Chakrubs

Sex is on all of our minds—we’ll say it louder for the folks in the back.

In fact, as human beings, it’s always been that way. But as we continue to evolve, we’re talking about sex more, exploring our desires as much as our boundaries and we’re doing so with a whole new sense of empowerment. And while technology continues to advance along with us (maybe even ahead of us), Vanessa Cuccia of Chakrubs is taking things in a more down-to-earth direction (as in, products that actually come from the ground). But despite the lack of apps or USB ports in her designs, Chakrubs is putting out some pretty spiritually modern tools (think hand-shaped all-natural crystal dildos, butt plug, yoni eggs and more) made for pleasure based on the seven chakras and how they can enhance our sexual experiences.

Her mission is all about healing, pleasure and deepening our connection to ourselves and our partners. And Chakrubs are the prettiest all-natural sex toys you can imagine for the job.

For more on the chakras, sex, and Chakrubs, keep reading…

Chakras are a system that we use to help pinpoint different areas of energy within our bodies.

So, there are actually schools of thought that say there are thousands of chakras all over our bodies, but the chakra system that’s most common in western culture is the seven chakra system. It goes from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are psychological, physical and spiritual components to each chakra. And a lot of people, myself included, can actually feel the different chakras. For example, I can feel the one at the base of my spine which is called The Root (1st) if I focus on it. I can feel my Throat Chakra (5th) when I focus on it. And that's basically what it is—energy in your body sending signals. You're engaging with your Heart Chakra (4th) every time you feel a sense of love or heartbreak. The energy that you feel in those areas of your body are your chakras.

They've been together for 35 years and they know exactly what they need to do to turn each other on.

I had a couple reach out to me and say that they've been sleeping with their rose quartz Chakrub in their bed every night. The Chakrub brought them to a more intimate, spiritual relationship with each other because they now feel like there's an energy exchange happening when they use the Chakrub. [With Chakrub] there's definitely a focus on self-love, but if you're using your Chakrub with your partner, you’ll have a spiritual and connected experience because this tool is created for that. So open to feeling each other's energy with this naturally connected thing. When you go through something like that with your partner, you reach a new level of intimacy. 

We don't necessarily need anything outside of ourselves. I preach that a lot. Everything comes from within.

We're looking at all these sex toys—there are are so many different kinds and there are so many creative concepts out there right now—and Chakrubs is a complete departure from some of those. In a lot of ways because it kind of brings together our spirituality and our sexuality and uses that activation as a tool. A tool that can enhance pleasure and deepen your connection.

How do we see sex as a valuable tool in our lives?

We as humans have always valued tools to help us. And so Chakrubs becomes a tool to help us recognize what we can do for ourselves and what we can do to enhance our sexual experiences with our partner.

I put sex on a pedestal. I put intimacy on a pedestal.

Because I think that these things are so important for us to value, more so in our everyday lives, because if we're in a state of relaxation and pleasure, we're going to go about our day-to-day in a more peaceful manner. It will do wonders for the world if we all put these things on a pedestal, but of course, it's not just sex and intimacy. It's our understanding of those things in our lives and how to really relate it to our spiritual well-being.

Chakrubs promotes creating an intention before you use it.

If you're doing that with your partner, then it’s all the more powerful. The Chakrub allows this line of communication with your partner of like, "Okay, what do we want to feel in our relationship?” To open up that idea and actually discuss those desires can be so meaningful. Asking the question, "What is our intention with this sex that we're about to have?" with a tool like Chakrub to help support the couple can really add to a sense of presence together. So even if it's just a communication starter, it is so valuable in and of itself to actually develop those relationships and connection intentions.

At the end of each interview, we love to ask the interviewee, “What are three tips or tricks you swear by in your business or love partnerships?”

Vanessa had to hop off the call in a hurry to tend to her poor, sweet, sick cat, but she promptly followed up via email to say, “The thing is I don't have any. I think the tools to connect that are tried-and-true are to laugh together, to listen and to let each other feel comfortable with expressing their truth.”

Well, we’d have to agree she nailed them, and she’s also living them out in her brand that promotes, from its very core, the same tenets of connection.

Right on, Vanessa! We know you have some more designs up your sleeve and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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