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5 Reasons Why Hotel Sex is the Best Sex


5 Reasons Why Hotel Sex is the Best Sex

Kate GilbertJune 14, 2021

Take a vacation away from your bed with hotel sex. 

You have a full to-do list at home (dishes, laundry, cleaning the grout in the shower), and it can be hard to turn off your brain when you get into bed for some sexy time. It’s okay to admit that you need a break from home to wash away the monotony of daily life.

That’s where a hotel comes in. Even if the hotel is only a mile from home, it might as well be a world away. Hotel sex allows you to shut off stress of life for a moment, switch things up, and gives you and your partner the vacation you both deserve.

Here are five reasons why hotel sex is the best sex.

1. No Distractions

They hand you the key card, you enter the room, turn off your phones, and hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. And that’s it. It’s just you, your honey, and those crisp sheets that are begging to be roughed up. Toss away your bags along with all your life's distractions as you climb into bed and pretend all that exists is the room and your bodies in it.

2. A Clean Slate

A great thing about home is that it’s full of all your favorite items: the soft duvet cover you chose, the books you bought, prints on the wall that you had framed, your comfiest pajamas. But it’s easy to become complacent with your sex life when everything is exactly where you placed it.

With nothing that you picked out, hotels are the perfect space for reinvention. You can be anything and anyone you want to be. Meet in the lobby and hit on each other like strangers. For tips, read our guide on how to Role Play Your Way into Date Night. Wear that dress or suit that you usually save for special occasions. Been a little too nervous to try that skimpy new underwear? A hotel is the place to test it out.

3. Hotel Tubs

Not all tubs are created equal. And hotel tubs are definitely a step above the rest. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some of those powerful jets to tickle and stimulate you and your partner all over your bodies.

And while shower sex gets all the attention, bath sex is infinitely better. There’s no problem from height differences, and no worries that half of your body will be warm while the other half is cold. Nope. Tub sex is all heat, all over. So bring some bubbles (for drinking and for adding to the water) and get your bath sex on.

4. Room Service

After all the hotel playing, you’re going to be hungry. At home you’d have to get out of bed, head to the kitchen, and rustle something up. Or you’d have to call for takeaway and your plates would have to get washed later. But not at the hotel...

Pick up the phone that’s right next to your bed and order from the menu that was left in the room. We’re sure you can find a good use for the time between ordering your food and it being wheeled to your door. And best of all, when you’re done, just wheel those dirty dishes into the hall and get back to dishing yourself out all over again.

5. Check Out

Even if your hotel isn’t in Las Vegas, you can abide by the motto, “What happens in the hotel stays in the hotel.” That means that those mangled sheets are someone else’s to clean (or the massage oil left on the pillow). But it could also mean that you have free reign to try whatever you want in your hotel room without it coming home with you.

But if you want to bring some of the hotel vibe home, try a set of glamorous and soft bedding like the Vintage Cotton Sheet Set. That way, you can mangle those fancy sheets any time you want.

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