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Discover Sex and Life Coach GoFitJo's 4 Pepper Favorites

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Discover Sex and Life Coach GoFitJo's 4 Pepper Favorites

Audrey KhunerNovember 4, 2020

Find out which Pepper products sex and life coach GoFitJo chose.

We’ve been following Joanne Encarnacion (aka @ gofitjo) for a while now, and we’re a little obsessed (in a totally healthy way). Her journey toward radical self-acceptance and her mission to help other women become sexually liberated is inspiring to say the least.

Last week, we got to talk to Jo about her work, her inspirations, and her four favorite Pepper products.

Jo knows a lot about sex toys, so we weren’t surprised when she chose some of our absolute faves from all-natural  Chakrubs, wellness-focused DAME, and artisan-crafted Nipomo.

Here’s what Jo told us about why she chose each and how she uses them every day:

The Heart Original

“I was excited to try out The Heart Original because I love pleasure wands. The Heart crystal pleasure wand is a tool I use for my self-pleasure practice (versus playing with a partner). It becomes a ritual for me. I use the crystal pleasure wand when I want to truly make love to myself. I have candles out and make myself feel like a goddess.”

"I have candles out and make myself feel like a goddess.”

The Xaga Root

“I picked The Xaga Root because I've been exploring anal play a lot more lately, kind of just seeing what that feels like. Because Xaga Root is not silicone—it’s made of pure obsidian—it has a really interesting slip. There's no friction; it just glides right in. And it's got a nice kind of expansion and fullness that you feel when playing with it.”

Jo also picked two partner-play products: the Pillo from Dame and the Arena Blanket by Nipomo. We know, a pillow and blanket sound so sleepy. But Jo explained exactly why she chose these and how she plans to use them (and it doesn’t sound quite so sleep-oriented).

Pillo from DAME

“I absolutely love the Pillo, because there are times when I'm with my partner that I just want a different penetration experience. In the past we've had to use pillows to prop up my body, but the pillows would sink down. What I love about Pillo from Dame is that it has enough firmness to give me that elevation without having to worry about sinking into something. Also, I love that the Pillo doesn't scream ‘sex wedge.’ You can use it as a laptop wedge if you wanted to!”

"I love that the Pillo doesn't scream ‘sex wedge.’"

Arena Blanket by Nipomo

As for the Arena Blanket, “I love to lie naked in the sun, so the Arena Blanket was an obvious choice for me. It’s soft but still rugged. I like knowing that you can get it dirty, but it doesn't feel rough against the skin. That's one of the things I really, really love about that blanket. It's just cozy.”

Jo, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Read more about Jo and her work on her blog and follow her on Instagram. She’s educational, inspiring, and super entertaining...all at once.

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