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Gift Guide for Couples: A Sensual Journey


Gift Guide for Couples: A Sensual Journey

Audrey KhunerNovember 24, 2020

Holiday shopping just got a whole lot sexier.

It’s that gift giving time of year again. Sure, you could wrap up some slippers under the tree and call it a day, or you could take your partner on a journey through the senses that they won’t soon forget. (A journey that will likely lead to the bedroom.) At Pepper, we’re all about connection. So we opt for the second option. If you’re with us, go ahead and get cozy and let the ride begin…

The sense of anticipation

Start by slipping a note into their pocket or purse for an invitation to play. Pepper Love Notes give you the perfect excuse to write the way you feel, whether it’s sultry or serious, spicy, or sweet. You can also start things off with a long cozy cuddle under the world’s softest blanket

The sweet, sweet taste of chocolate

Next, seduce your partner through our favorite of the five senses: taste. Chocolate truly has aphrodisiac powers, and this Pink Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Bar from Raaka is a number of steps above your average candy bar. 

The sensual aroma of pheromones

Set the mood with the Jelique Pure Instinct Massage Candle featuring pheromones and aphrodisiac scents like Australian mango, mandarin, cinnamon, and honey with a well-rounded base note of white musk. 

Gaze into each other’s eyes

Looking straight into each other’s eyes can lead to a heightened state of arousal. When you’re ready to look below eye level, sweeten the sight with the Scarlett Silk Chemise from Sainted Sisters for her, or the Woburn Classic Fit Boxers for him. There's just something about seeing silk gently caress the skin that will put both of you in the mood.

Okay, enough with the clothes

Once you’re ready to touch skin to skin, bring in some good vibes with a his-and-hers set like the Winni Couples Ring and Remote. This matching vibrator duo brings extra sensation to the bedroom and beyond. Be sure to keep everything moving smoothly with the organic Almost Naked Personal Lubricant by Good Clean Love.

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