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Meet the Makers: Women’s History Month

meet the makers

Meet the Makers: Women’s History Month

Audrey KhunerMarch 30, 2021

Meet our Favorite (Female) Makers.

At Pepper, our job is to source best-in-class products that help deepen your connection, with your partner and with yourself. A significant part of our curation process involves getting to know the best makers, CEOs, and founders in the industry.

March is Women’s History Month, and we’re focusing on some of the smartest women out there—the ones creating apparel, sex toys, and other products for women. After all, when it comes to women’s bodies, who knows them better than women themselves?

“I design lingerie that I want to wear” - Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang began toying with design at 6 years old and has since created a brand that successfully dresses up being practically undressed. We’re fans of her gorgeous robes and chemises made of 100% silk charmeuse. Her unique patterns, like the Love Letter Classic Babydoll, create an alluring effect on the skin.

Read more about Samantha Chang

"Why in this day and age should women feel shame about buying condoms?” - Dr. Sarah Welsh

HANX founders (and BFFs) Dr. Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir aren’t just condom makers, they’re changemakers. They realized that when it comes to condom design, women were often overlooked. So, they have always had women in mind when developing their condoms. The result? Sustainable, vegan, high-quality condoms that women can be proud to buy, carry and use. 

Read the interview with Sarah and Farrah

“Everything comes from within.” - Vanessa Cuccia

Derived from the Sanskrit word Chakra, or “energy wheels,” Chakrubs are tools for pleasure that can tune you in and help you feel the vibrations (with no actual motor or batteries). They’re each made from natural stones, and correlate to a different chakra, helping you to connect more deeply and passionately with your partner and yourself. The Heart Original empowers you to feel a deeper sense of fulfillment and contentment, giving you a greater capacity to give and receive love. Prepare to tap into each other more deeply and vibrate with goddess-level goodness.

Read more about Vanessa Cuccia

“We’re closing the pleasure gap.” - Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, CEO and CPO of DAME

Dame’s two gutsy female founders (an engineer from MIT and a credentialed sexologist from Columbia) put their campaign online back in 2014 to close the “pleasure gap” between men and women. They didn’t just break the cycle of women not reaching orgasm, they also broke the record for money raised online for an adult product. Eva (now updated to Eva II) has the exciting history of being the most crowdfunded vibrator in history.

“We believe in a more inclusive definition of beauty” - Laura Schubert & Lillian Tung

We were drawn to Fur not only because their products are all-natural and cruelty-free, but because co-founders Laura and Lillian have a goal of making Fur a force for good in the world. They create products that challenge outdated societal views that breed unnecessary shame and stigma around our bodies.

Fur Oil conditions all types of body hair and the skin underneath. For the people who trim and the people who tidy. For the shavers, the barers, and the full bush wearers. No matter how you let your pubic flag fly, you deserve to be smooth, confident, and well-conditioned.

This Women’s History Month, take advantage of the world we live in today—one that strives for equality for all—by finding pleasure in a product created by women, for women. 

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