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October Pepper Lovescopes


October Pepper Lovescopes

DR. SUNNY RODGERSOctober 1, 2020

Two lucky full moons and big changes for the better? Bring it on, October.

October 2020 is a month of transitions and changes... in all the best ways. The September Equinox brings seasonal change across the globe. October brings two lucky full moons—a Harvest Moon on October 1st and a Blue Moon on October 31st. Blue moons only occur once every two and a half years, so this rare event provides energy of transformative abundance.

October’s Recommended Toy—the brand new  Filare from Lora DiCarlo. This innovative sex toy uses advanced microbiotics to recreate the feeling of a skilled partner’s tongue. Lay back and enjoy your journey into a euphoric autumn.


You’ll be feeling fiery this month dearest Aries. Take a deep breath and consider your actions before jumping in heart first. Yes, you’re determined to make improvements to your love life in October. Just make sure you don’t make too many changes all at once.

The velvety soft and super smooth  Mimi Soft will help you come to your senses before any big decisions.


As the air cools, romance heats up for you, Taurus. Your relationship will get a boost from October’s energy, helping you appreciate hand holding and simple kisses. You understand the meaning of “once in a blue moon,” and will have a second chance to share your tender emotions this month.

The  Aphrodisiac Scent Set is a perfect augmentation to the natural attraction between you and your partner.


Surprises usually shake you up, Gemini. But this month, you can look forward to a few positive transitions heading your way. You’ll feel particularly desirable to your partner, which will infuse your relationship with an electrical current you haven’t enjoyed in quite a while. Remember, sometimes change can be a good thing!

Once that new current takes off in your relationship, introducing a partner toy like  Pivot can make all the difference in the bedroom.


October’s changes bring balance to you, dear Cancer. Feelings of harmony and fulfillment will make you want to share hot tubs and foot rubs. Take advantage of restful romance all month long.

Bring on the sexy relaxation with the  Jelique Pheromone Massage Candle.


Follow your heart, dear Leo. October heightens your intuition and instincts. Are you as sexy as you feel? Well, during this month, your confidence and magnetism will be too much to ignore.

Turn that confidence into a little foray into dominance with the  Doll Designer Collection Soft Leather Whip. You never know where some light BDSM play might take you.


I know you think love is practical and logical, but October will have you making exciting changes. Go ahead and let some of that internal passion out! Your partner will find you intoxicating.

What better way to let out that passion than with the elegant yet adventurous  Whipster. Take playtime to sensuous new heights.LIBRA

October is all about easy going bliss, lovely Libra! Love will feel endearingly cozy this month. Let go of those high expectations and purely enjoy all the pleasure coming your way.

Whether you’re reading together in bed or connecting more intimately,  Pillo by Dame will help support your back and neck for comfort in style.


Saucy Scorpio, you are in for major romantic growth this month. Normally, you’re strong and silent, but October’s energy has you letting your arousing actions speak louder than words. Trust yourself! Your inner strength is stronger than you think.

If the vulva in your life needs a little help in the arousal department,  Arouse Stimulating Serum can be just the thing to get the blood flowing.


Your love life will feel both peaceful and intense, this month. Don’t ignore the feeling that you need to explore your passionate curiosity. October’s lusty energy may be just what you need!

Explore your body with the adorable  Fin from Dame, This mini yet mighty sex toy turns your two fingers into a vibrator.


Do you hear that rhythm? October will give you a steady harmonious heartbeat to dance to. Enjoy a little emotional freedom this month as your romance (and dance moves) get hotter and hotter.

Double down on pleasure for two with  Sync from We-Vibe—the third wheel of your dreams.


October has you practically glowing. You are illuminated with love throughout this month, allowing you to share feelings that were previously buried deep. Oh, how good you’ll feel Aquarius! Some things are meant to be shared.

The  Pepper Couple's Kit has everything you need for a romantic night in with the one you love.


Perceptive Pisces, you always see inner beauty. This month, romantic signals will be shining bright! October allows for magical romance and sexy soul searching with your better half.

The  Gvibe 2 Noir delivers a delicious feeling of fullness to whoever is using it. If internal massage is your game, then this toy is your new best friend.

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October Pepper Lovescopes


October Pepper Lovescopes

Two lucky full moons and big changes for the better? Bring it on, October.

DR. SUNNY RODGERSOctober 1, 2020


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