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Pepper Journey: A Perfect Sunday Morning


Pepper Journey: A Perfect Sunday Morning

Kate GilbertJune 18, 2021

After a long week, refresh yourself with a perfect Sunday morning.

If you’re anything like us, your weekdays are busy. Whether or not you have a job or a family, there’s socializing and all of your hobbies (cooking, plant-tending, movie-watching, bread-baking). It’s easy to burn out by the end of the week.

That’s why Sunday mornings are key to refreshing our minds and bodies for the week ahead. It’s the moment during the week for lounging, relaxing, letting go of the to-do list, and, most importantly, for intimacy.

So first things first, on Saturday night (or early Sunday morning, if that’s when you head to sleep) turn off that alarm, close those curtains, get yourself into some cozy Cosabella PJ's, and let your eyes open when you’re good and ready.

Cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles

There’s nothing nicer than waking up slowly next to the warmth of your partner’s body. When you wake up in the morning, let the mood guide you, let your brain wander, and sidle up next to the lovely person lying next to you. Find that crook in their arm and snuggle in. While your person is the most comforting part of the bed, you can definitely add to the experience with great pillows and sheets, and the super soft Fireside Cozy Throw, which will make it seriously hard to get out of bed.

Breakfast in bed

Once you’ve wiped away the sleep from your eyes and cuddled up your bed buddy, it’s time to think about breakfast. This is the moment to make something special since you don’t have to rush to work. Try that NY Times French toast or pancake recipe that has been sitting in an open tab all week. For more inspiration, our article on Aphrodisiacs and Aromas has food ideas (and sweet smelling fragrances) to set the tone for the day.

While one of you is cooking, the other can make a dreamy pot of caffeine with some smooth local coffee or hot chocolate poured into two gorgeous mugs (and a mimosa too, if the bubbles are calling). 

But here’s the important part: When the coffee and the food is ready, put those goodies on a beautiful non-slip tray and hop right back under the covers. Not only is having breakfast in bed the ultimate luxury, but it also leaves room for post-consumption consumption (if you get our drift).

Unplug and read the paper together

While you’re in bed, don’t let yourself be distracted by the machines around you. We spend a lot of time being available to the outside world through our computers and phones. But Sunday morning is the time to shut those babies off and pull out the physical paper or thought-provoking book and read with each other. There’s nothing sweeter than laughing over a profile or interview you’re sharing together. 

There is one exception to the unplugging “rule,” and that’s music! Try something soothing and sexy like our mix of seductive tunes on Spotify.

Now that you’ve fed your tummies and brains, we have one last suggestion for the perfect Sunday morning...

Morning sex

If it hasn’t happened already, or if you’re ready for another go, morning sex is the actual best. Whether it’s in bed or in the shower (or bath or kitchen), there’s nothing better than starting the day with both intimacy and exercise (who needs a Peloton when you can work out with a machine like this.) This is not the moment to put on sexy lingerie or workout clothes. This is the moment to let everything be easy and chill. To let the stress and overthinking of the week disappear.

And now that you’ve mastered the lazy, sexy Sunday morning, you aren’t just ready for the rest of your day. You’re ready for the entire week ahead.

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