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Pepper Journey: Romantic Picnic for Two


Pepper Journey: Romantic Picnic for Two

Audrey KhunerApril 23, 2021

Everything you need to have a romantic outdoor date.

Meals can bring you and your partner closer together. Not just through eating delicious food, but also by sharing flavors that evoke intimacy and warmth. When you think of a sexy meal, you might picture a fancy restaurant and expensive cuisine. But we think that when it comes to truly connecting over food, there’s no better place than the great outdoors.

The fresh air and sounds of nature can heighten your senses, which is helpful when it comes to enjoying flavor, as well as each other. Here are some ideas and key must-haves when planning a romantic picnic for two.

Start with the right gear.

The perfect picnic starts with the perfect accouterments like the Canasta Chica basket from Nipomo’s Palma Collection. Made of dried and woven palm fronds, this picnic basket is strong and sturdy without sacrificing style. Head out, basket in hand, to your chosen picnic spot—a clearing in the woods, a grassy hill with a view, or even the middle of a city park. The Nipomo Arena blanket is easy to carry along with you, thanks to its handmade leather straps. And it’s the perfect size for sitting (or lying down if the mood should strike you). 

Food as foreplay

When it comes to planning a menu, we like to think of food as foreplay. You’ve heard that some foods increase desire. And a few of these aphrodisiacs are actually scientifically proven, but as long as it tickles your taste buds, it doesn’t really matter.

Strawberries and champagne? Always a classic, but try changing things up with the Instant Champagne Cocktail Kit for instant Bellinis. Looking to make those tongues a little looser? Move beyond Bellinis and bring out the hard stuff. Check out our recipe for perfect Moscow Mules.

Flavor, fun, and feasibility

We like to pack picnic fare with a balance of flavor, fun, and feasibility. Here are just a few ideas to get you started: caprese skewers with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls, a fresh baguette with brie and red currant jelly, or cute sandwich bites like cream cheese and smoked salmon (or cream cheese and cucumber to keep breath fresh).

Yes, oysters are aphrodisiacs, but they’re not exactly practical to take on a hike. (Melting ice + wilting shellfish = not sexy). There’s a fun and sometimes unexpected list of aphrodisiacs out there that are said to build desire, including figs, pistachios, and honey.

Complete your romantic feast with the glittering star of aphrodisiac delights: chocolate. Yes it’s cliché, but, come on, it’s chocolate. Also, we’re not talking about just any old chocolate—try the Pink Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Bar from Raaka. We dare you to not to close your eyes in pure delight.

The perfect tunes

So you’ve imbibed, and you’ve indulged. As the sun moves lower in the sky, it’s time to get cozy with the perfect picnic playlist (you remembered your portable Bluetooth speakers, right?). Should things progress to a partially unclothed state, make sure you’re wearing something cute underneath. The Sweetie Bralette from Cosabella in a beautiful dove gray can serve as a sexy top if the weather is warm or as a light layer any time of the year.

If you’re ready to get really frisky…

Being outside can bring the excitement of new sights, smells, and surroundings. Some people even get turned on by the risk of getting caught. However, we recommend against sex in public; we’re not in Italy, and it’s actually illegal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some kissing and canoodling.

Perhaps you could end your picnic with some whispers to each other about what you’re excited to do when you’re back in the privacy of your home. Or, plan your picnic in a private area, such as a secluded campsite, or even your own backyard (just be sure to be respectful of any neighbors).

When you get home…

Pom from Dame is a perfect couple’s toy. Ergonomically shaped to fit into the curve of your palm (or your partner’s palm), Pom is like a natural extension of the hand, making it a seamless addition to all your steamy adventures.

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