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Connection in the Time of Coronavirus

Unprecedented. That’s a word that we’re using a lot these days. Unprecedented times....

Condoms Make Your Man Irresistible

Condoms are the sexiest. “even in these complicated times when gender roles are conti...

A Practical Guide to Kegels For All of Us

Everyone’s experience with his or her own body is deeply personal, which makes it easy...

Not in the Mood? Here’s What to Do Next.

You’ve had a long day, your stress level at work is at an all-time high, and you were u...

Blue Light & The Libido

These days we are obsessed with blue lights. Almost invisible on the color spectrum, th...

Feng Shui with a Fresh Start

In a rut, funk, or feeling stuck? Every couple goes through moments when it seems lik...

5 Things You Should Know About CBD

Ever notice how prioritizing your own wellness does wonders for your relationship? Fr...

Try This: Connect Your Bodies with Yoga

Yoga is for lovers. Yeah, we said it. “exercising together is just another way to pla...

This just in: Condom Sex is Sexy Too

Jean-Pierre and Elyssa always find time to buck the 1x per week average for married cou...

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