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The 7 Best Rabbit Vibrators of 2021

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The 7 Best Rabbit Vibrators of 2021

Audrey KhunerSeptember 10, 2021

Find the perfect rabbit vibrator to experience blended orgasms again and again.

The allure of the elusive  blended orgasm has helped rabbit vibrators fly off the shelves since their entry into mainstream media in season one of Sex and the City. Rabbits bring the best of both worlds: targeted clitoral stimulation plus internal/g-spot stimulation—at the same time! That simultaneous stimulation is key to more pleasure and stronger orgasms.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Try any one of these seven best  rabbit vibrators and see for yourself. We promise you’ll be hopping for joy.

1. INDULGE features cutting-edge technology

The INDULGE Rabbit Vibrator from Pepper is the only rabbit with three body-resonating motors—two in the shaft and one in the human-like thumb on the outside. Plus, it features cutting-edge magnetic technology, which means deeper, more penetrating sensations.

2. Glo heats things up

The Glo Rabbit from JimmyJane changes the game with an internal warming feature that heats the shaft to just over 100 degrees. Its elongated, flexible shaft bends and adjusts easily to your body’s curves and movements, while a simple one-button control makes managing the action intuitive.

3. Bi Stronic Fusion moves all on its own

Bi Stronic Fusion combines Fun Factory’s famous rhythmic thrusting motion for internal stimulation with deep rumbling vibration. Its small silicone wings are designed to flutter against the labia while the external motor delivers strong clitoral vibrations. Meanwhile, its generous shaft thrusts against the g-spot at your favorite tempo.

4. Osé 2 mimics oral sex for the win

Osé 2 is Lora Dicarlo’s latest iteration of their award-winning rabbit. Its unique, bendable form adapts to fit your body and mimics the feel of a partner’s mouth, tongue, and fingers sucking, licking, and massaging your clitoris and g-spot.

5. Fifi surrounds in sensation

Fifi Rabbit from Je Joue features a motor in each ear, which surrounds the clitoris in sensation, while the third motor massages the g-spot. This magical rabbit can pull three motors, five speeds, and nine vibration patterns out of its hat.

6. Keira brings the flex

Keira from Jil is extra soft, uber flexible, and super powerful. In true rabbit tradition, Keira features two powerful motors—one in each bendable tip—for simultaneous clitoral and internal vibrations. But Keira breaks the mold with its unique, flexible shape that easily moves to match your unique, flexible shape.

7. DUO brings the best of both worlds

DUO combines strong, internal vibrations with Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air™ Technology. Its unique stimulation head offers pressure waves that surround the clitoris without actually touching it. The internal vibrator is curved to massage your g-spot, bringing you blended pleasure again and again.

While these are all great recommendations, the best rabbit for you depends on your preferences and your body. Luckily, no matter  which rabbit you choose, there's lots of room to experiment and see what feels best for you. Just don't forget to use lots of your favorite water-based lube to keep everything running smoothly. 

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