Luxe Mimosa Bar Kit Luxe Mimosa Bar Kit Luxe Mimosa Bar Kit Luxe Mimosa Bar Kit
Bottoms up

Luxe Mimosa Bar Kit



Strawberries, raspberries, and peaches, oh my! Upgrade your bar cart with handmade and all-natural sugar cubes that add a bit of magic to any glass of bubbly.

Say so long to boring old orange juice, just drop one cube into a glass of sparkling wine, champagne, iced tea, or fizzy water and watch the bubbles dissolve the cube in a matter of moments, leaving bits of fruit floating at the top.

Each set comes with six cubes of each flavor including peach, strawberry, and raspberry, and are made from all-natural ingredients including real fruit and fruit oils.

All-natural ingredients
Six cubes each in three flavors: strawberry, peach and raspberry
function Customize your bubbly with these handmade fruit-infused sugar cubes.
aesthetic These cubes make an amazing gift or a perfect accessory for a romantic patio brunch.
material Made with pieces of fruit and a shortlist of natural ingredients.
maker Handmade in Arizona by Allison DeVane and her team who believe in the art and science of slowing down.
Bottoms up
what’s with all the hype

These cubes take bottomless mimosas to a new level! Most sugar cubes are full of chemicals, added colors, and dyes, but Teaspressa prides themselves on ingredients you can trust, made by hand with extreme care. Each flavor contains a mix of cane sugar, fruit oils and natural dyes.

One cube gives your glass a dash of sweetness, without going over the top or dulling the flavor of your drink. Raspberry is tart and fresh, peach makes a perfect spring bellini, and strawberry is decadent and gives your glass a soft pink hue.

For best results, muddle your sugar cube first, with just a bit of bubbly to help it dissolve.

In the words of the great F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Too much of anything is bad. But too much champagne is just right.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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