HANX Women-Designed Condoms HANX Women-Designed Condoms HANX Women-Designed Condoms HANX Women-Designed Condoms
No shame in this condom game

HANX Women-Designed Condoms



Finally, a condom that checks all the boxes - yeah, we said it. A revolution in safe sex, these stylish, discreet and clever bad boys are designed by super smart women who believe in having really good sex. Only sold by us in the U.S.A., Hanx are non-latex and ultra-thin (think high-touch and deep feel), but the fun doesn’t stop there; these cute condoms actually look like something you’d want to fall out of your pocket. 

52mm nominal width
function Encourages strong partnerships and safe sex.
aesthetic Designed with superior attention to quality, function and style.
material 100% all-natural, fair-trade, vegan and odorless.
wellness Perfect protection that travels well.
No shame in this condom game
what’s with all the hype

Plain and simple: Hanx are sexy and condoms have had a bad habit of being anything but…

Exhibit A: Episode 1, Season 1 of Sex and the City. Carrie’s purse opens up onto the sidewalk (oops) and along with an assortment of expected daytime items, out slides a strip of classic condoms right as she bumps into Big; she had just left from an afternoon quickie with an old flame.

She's humiliated. And we're not sure what he thinks.

Historically, condoms have carried with them all sorts of stigma, for men and women. Enter Hanx, a condom that has made it their mission to combine stylish design with all the essential features. And then some, so both parties can take care of business (or, um, just get busy), and put an end to this played out sex shame game.

Meet the Makers: HANX

We’ve got a little crush on HANX condoms.

Not only are they easy on the eyes, but they’re designed by women, for women with the highest-quality and body-safe materials - and, they have been thoughtfully constructed to be odorless.

Have we got your attention yet?

Not to mention, we love the love story between their founders, best friends, Farrah and Sarah.

Close since high school, Farrah and Sarah set out on a mission to bring something to the marketplace that would not only revolutionize carrying condoms into an appealing accessory but de-stigmatize sexuality as well.

HANX is leveling the playing field, and it’s a welcome sight to behold.

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