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Like a pro

Adori Porcelain Massage Stones



If massage is an art form then these handmade porcelain massagers are the perfect tool to create a masterpiece. 

With three different sizes, you’ll find the right fit for you, and the ideal pressure to reach all of those tight spots calling out for a little extra love.

The unique design of each stone allows for easier grip and less strain on the hands and joints, resulting in less cramping, longer massages, and increased happiness. 

Each set comes with a cute pouch, how-to booklet, and a certificate of authenticity.  

So, go ahead, be a pro.

2 finishes for better grip
Natural heat retention
function Suitable for any sized hand to target every tight muscle.
handcrafted Created in small batches by a ceramist to guarantee quality.
material Handmade from durable porcelain that can be heated up or cooled down.
aesthetic Sleek, curvy, delicate and surprisingly strong.
Like a pro
what’s with all the hype

We believe in the power of touch.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, Adori stones will bring you closer to your partner and may result in good times, gold medals and a serious return on your investment.

Most massage tools leave a lot to be desired, they’re one size fits all and don’t fit well in your hand. Others have to be plugged in or powered with batteries. We love that the Adori are simple, yet powerful. They appear graceful and delicate but are super strong and ready to perform.

Hold them for a few seconds and they become the perfect temperature, seamlessly blending into your hands. With a non-slip gripping texture on one side and a frictionless glaze on the other, you may forget you’re even holding them at all.

Pro Tip: Just add a few drops of your favorite massage oil for an experience smoother than (body) butter.

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