Uberlube 50ML Uberlube 50ML Uberlube 50ML
What doesn’t it do?

Uberlube 50ML



Taking lube to the next level. Made in small batches and tested for quality, Überlube is silicone-based and free of parabens, preservatives and petrochemicals and won’t leave pesky stains on bedding or clothes.

Feeling is everything. Excitement, intimacy, anticipation, contentment. Überlube makes sex better by reducing friction, not sensation.

Raving fans include doctors and couples alike, after all, Überlube is a multi-tasking product that you can feel good using from head-to-toe.

As the German name suggests, this lube is a cut above the rest.

Body Safe
Latex Compatible
Fragrance And Color-free
function Hardworking and long-lasting, this latex condom-friendly lube has no sticky residue.
material Silicone-based with no added ingredients, scents, or flavors.
multi Intended for multiple types of play—use it in the bedroom or in water.
aesthetic Glass bottle fits your decor and cleans up easily with a quick soapy rinse.
What doesn’t it do?
what’s with all the hype

This is a lube that doesn’t stop at sex, that’s just where it starts.

Überlube is a silicone-based, natural lubricant that creates enhanced sensation while reducing friction, giving you ample reasons to get closer. Body-safe, never, ever sticky, and so light, smooth, and long-lasting, you’ll find yourself adding Überlube to your hair for extra shine, or rubbing a bit on before long runs to prevent chafing.

It’s a true triple threat!

Clean, simple, sophisticated, and great at doing what it’s supposed to do, (along with many other things), each bottle is small-batch produced, tested, and bottled in Chicago, Illinois. And, with no scents, flavors or spermicides your body really will thank you for using Überlube.

A measured pump gives you the perfect amount every time. Once you’re done with Überlube, it simply dissipates with no residue.

So go ahead, find greater pleasure in the act of pleasure.

Silicone vs. Water Based Lube

Simply put, lube is one of our favorite things because using just a few drops can make sex even better. And we think for every couple, lubricant should be as much of a fixture in the bedroom as a bedside alarm clock (only, you know, sexier).

There are a plethora of lubricant options out there, so when it comes to choosing the right one for you and your partner, a great place to start is to consider silicone versus water-based lube.

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