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Luxury Prêt-à-Porter



For the sex toy connoisseur with discerning tastes, Prêt-à-porter brings the best in pleasure forward. It’s a vibrator, and yet so much more. 

Satisfyer is famous for its revolutionary touch-free stimulation system, which works by surrounding the clitoral area and gently adding pressure waves. (Some women say it feels like oral sex, others say it just feels awesome.) But unlike Satisfyer’s other products, Prêt-à-porter brings vibrations to join the pressure pulse party. (Two great sensations that go great together).

Prêt-à-porter is waterproof, rechargeable, intuitive, and ergonomically designed. In other words, it’s ready to go when you are.

Simultaneous pressure waves and vibrations
11 pressure waves and 10 vibration settings
100% waterproof and whisper-quiet
Magnetic USB rechargeable
function The ultimate in clitoral stimulation with a combo of pressure waves and vibrations.
aesthetic Luxurious in every way, from materials and colors to the sleek shape.
material Genuine white leather, rose-gold accents, and soft medical-grade silicone.
innovative Satisfyer is known for its unique air-pulse stimulation (designed to feel like oral sex).

Getting To Know The Clitoris

When you’re in the midst of togetherness, fixating on the big finish means missing out on the joy of what’s happening in the moment. Instead of trying to achieve a specific outcome (like a mindblowing orgasm for example), focusing your energy on enjoying one another’s bodies can make being together between the sheets, the best part of the sesh.

The way we see it, an orgasm should be less about the destination and more about the journey. As far as journeys go, we think there’s no better place to start than taking a trip to the ultimate pleasure zone: the clitoris.

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