JIMMYJANE EVOKE DU-O Massage Wheel Vibrator JIMMYJANE EVOKE DU-O Massage Wheel Vibrator JIMMYJANE EVOKE DU-O Massage Wheel Vibrator
Reinventing the wheel (in a good way)

Evoke Du-o



Master your massage game with this rolling vibrator. Award-winning toy company Jimmyjane combines a grooved massage wheel and ergonomic handle with deep, rumbling vibrations. Two powerful motors—one in the wheel and one at the tip of the handle—make it easy to hit all your tense spots.

Roll the Evoke Du-O Massage Wheel Vibrator over your partner’s body to stimulate nerves, increase circulation, and reduce stress. Or use it alone when you want to work out your own kinks. The ergonomic handle is perfect for holding in your hand or using for internal massage—the slight curvature is ideal for g-spot stimulation.

2 motors and 10 vibration modes
USB rechargeable
Ergonomically designed silicone handle
100% waterproof
function Two powerful motors to work out your kinks—inside and out.
aesthetic Ergonomic handle and grooved, rolling massage wheel.
material 100% body-safe silicone.
versatility External or internal massage for yourself or the one you love.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Sex

“Did I hold some sort of impromptu sex seminar in the middle of your living room yesterday?” I pulled the phone away from my cheek and winced. Without hesitation the response came through loud and clear: “Oh, who cares! Everyone in that room went home and got laid, they should all be sending you thank you cards.”

God, I had. (Holds head in hands…)

Sure, it could be some sort of mid-life crisis, or unraveling—or, at best, unveiling, but talking about sex, often, is practically the new talking about the weather—and, I’m not just referring to spilling with your girlfriends over a bottle of Rosé. (Still the best ever, though).

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