Put simply, Pepper
is all about connection.

Whether buying a starter kit or chasing third
base, we believe in changing the conversation
around sex, making it easy, accessible and fun.

meet Sarah + Lincoln

circa 2000

The Founders

We met over twenty years ago and were married less than a year later. We’ve loved, worked and adventured, had four kids in five years, and weathered much of what many couples do—living to tell the wild tales.

We’re not the authority on connection, but we wholeheartedly believe in its power.

Love Through the Senses

If you were to ask us what the foundation of our relationship is, we’d say that we are all about food. Food is our love language.

We think the human experience centers around the five senses, and we believe that connection can be invigorated through affection, fun and the pursuit of pleasure.

So, one night out at our favorite restaurant, we dreamt up Pepper.

We thought people deserved a better experience. It also felt time to shift the conversation around sex. It’s all good right? And it wasn’t long after our night out that Pepper began to take shape. Because don’t we all want a better connection?

More to Offer

Pepper isn’t simply a place to buy intimate products, it’s a destination to discover a fresh approach to playfulness and togetherness. Pepper is about reclaiming closeness and sustaining intimacy while creating permission for pleasure.

We like to think of it as the sweeter side of spicy. We don’t think sexy has to be dirty, and we think keeping it fresh doesn’t have to be complicated.

And, we’re fairly certain that the more connected we are, the better we are.

Sarah + Lincoln

team photo

Meet the Team

We're a wild bunch of humans who believe in connection. We don't have it all figured out, but we're on the job and journey together searching high and low to find the best out there for you. We hail from all corners of the country, and one of us even resides south of the border in Guatemala. We’re designers, writers, dreamers, and doers, and we’re all big fans of taste (as in eating delicious food) but we definitely wouldn’t kick any of the five senses out of bed. Speaking of bed, we’re glad you’re here getting to know Pepper, and we’re excited to connect more with you.

and some of us are single...

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