July Pepper Lovescopes

A fun and flirty way to check the weather on your connection, monthly.

Is it getting hot in here? The Full Thunder Moon and lunar eclipse on July 5th are bringing heated romantic energy to everyone early in the month. And the Delta Aquariid meteor shower will deliver little bursts of aha moments throughout late July. This month’s lunar eclipse is the last in an eight-part series, and its mega-energy is just the welcome spark that’s needed in our world right now. Take advantage of that magnetic confidence coming your way in July because you’ll be at the height of your charisma.

July’s Power Day will be on July 14th when Jupiter and Pluto align for a rare rendezvous in the sky, releasing some serious astrological passion. Your deep connections will feel more important than ever. 

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Just for you, my sweet Aries, the lunar eclipse brings an adventurous ride. For the first time in quite a while, you’ll embrace the unknown with open arms. Trust your intuition and enjoy your journey through July. Your partner will be seductively charmed by your energetic emotions.

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July will make you want to do some research, tender Taurus. Don’t be surprised by your desire to make lists of all the sexy new positions you’d like to try this month. You may find yourself seeking creative recipes for romantic mid-summer meals. It will be as if your patience takes a vacation this July and you’ll run towards as many pleasurable plans as you can.

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July will bring you all the feels, my dear Twin! The exciting energy of the lunar eclipse and meteor showers may make you smile, laugh, cry, dance, and give you a delightful, energetic glow. Be gentle with your wellbeing and give yourself time to sit still in between the parade of feelings.

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Isn’t it wonderful when you know something with all your heart? July gives you an almost magical gift to know that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level. Don’t worry, your lover is feeling the same way. Just follow your heart, charming Cancer.

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Lovely Leo, it’s time to get serious about love-related goals. With the topsy-turvy world we’re experiencing, it’s normal to feel like now is the right time to take commitments into your future. Take time in July to consider your own feelings as well as your partner’s, but keep in mind that this may just be the perfect time to get serious about your love life.

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The July lunar eclipse will make you glow with a magnetic confidence that your partner will find irresistible. Flirty Virgo, when you feel good, you look good. And July is your month to shine! Embrace your appeal and cherish the rich relationships you have in your life.

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Fun-loving Libra, when you’re with the right person, love feels like an addiction. Be prepared to be practically obsessed with your lover this July. July brings great romantic energy that can make you finally realize those faraway fantasies of unconditional love that you’ve always dreamed of.

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Well Scorpio, you’re not normally the overly serious type but July has you 100% invested in love. Don’t be afraid to look at your romantic relationship with fresh eyes. Trust us, you’ll be wanting to shout your love from the rooftops. Be content in showing your partner just how important their heart is to you.

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July’s new moon and positive energy will bring an assortment of ideas to improve your love life. Embrace creativity and get ready for fireworks! July’s influx of fun, drama, and passion are sure to boost even the most humdrum love life. Buckle up Sag, you’re ready for an exhilarating roller coaster ride in July.

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Charismatic Cap, your month starts with a bang with the Full Thunder moon and lunar eclipse. It will bring out deeply personal love-related issues. July is the month to trust in yourself and share your whole soul with your partner. Remember, love has the strength to create magic and July’s astrological makeup has the ingredients to mix up a masterpiece with your lover.

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The nurturing energy of July urges you to be gentle with yourself and your partner. Focus on fun and laughter. Try smiling at your partner each and every day. July is the perfect time to explore your relationship with an open mind and an open heart. The elemental reconnection you’re forming will make your life more passionate and soulful.

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Playful Pisces, you know that love isn’t always passion and fireworks, but July provides you with practical energy to give your love life a boost! Sometimes, it’s sexier to hint at your desires instead of spelling them out. Trust your instinct and use your senses to flirt with your lover. You may just kindle some sexy sparks that make your love seem new all over again.

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