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Pepper Journey: How to Give a Sensual Massage


Pepper Journey: How to Give a Sensual Massage

Kate GilbertJune 14, 2021

Get tips and tools for a perfectly romantic massage.

Is anything sexier than touch? Whether it’s part of foreplay or you’re actively building a more conscious connection,  the power of touch is key to a deeper relationship. So slow it down, dim the lights, and focus intensely on your partner with a sensual massage. It’s a sure-fire way to bring you closer together and add some extra excitement to your night (or morning, or afternoon).

Wondering where to begin?

Set the right mood.

Before the touching starts, create an environment that leads to relaxation and intimacy. Think about all five senses. Set the mood with our relaxing  Pepper Playlist, designed to add a layer of sultry ambiance to any setting. Make sure the room looks nice with flowers or plants. Most importantly, turn off the lights and switch to something softer, like the Ylang-Ylang Massage Candle from Pepper. After the room is illuminated with its gentle glow and intoxicating scent, it melts into a hydrating massage oil that’s perfect for a sensual rubdown.

Dress for the occasion.

To make it easier to peruse each other’s bodies, think about what to wear before and after. The flow of the massage is important to keep the moment relaxing, so consider easy access and smooth fabric like the  Men’s Woburn Silk Robe or this luxurious Fall Garden Kimono. Not only does silk feel delicious against bare skin, it also slips on and off with ease.

Use the right tools.

The key to a great sensual massage is skin gliding smoothly across skin. That’s where massage oil comes in. If you’re not already burning a massage candle, try some aromatherapy oil, like this Sandalwood Orange Massage Oil

Hands are the most crucial tools for a sensual massage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a little help.  Adori Porcelain Massage Stones give you an easier grip and cause less strain on your hands and joints, resulting in less cramping and longer massages. They can also be heated up for relaxing temperature play. 

The  Evoke Du-o has a wheel that moves effortlessly over skin and vibrates at the same time. Finally, the ultimate massage tool is the PAMPER Massage Wand, which is double the fun after the massage.

Remember the whole body.

Start slowly and lightly. Massage your partner’s ears before moving down the neck and chest. Work the back and shoulders, which notoriously hold the most tension and stress. Don’t forget the wrists, hands, and feet. Use different techniques to see what your partner enjoys most: light stroking, kneading pressure points, or focused compression. Caress the whole body, building your connection before moving to more erogenous zones. Remember though, don’t rush! The key to a sensual massage is to slow down and be deliberate.

In case your sensual massage heats up…

After all this touching, your massage might lead to something more. Keep everything smooth with  Pepper Water-Based Lubricant, or Pepper Silicone Lubricant, when making the move from enjoying each other externally to internally. At that point, feel free to speed things up!

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