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Anal Play: A Love Story

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Anal Play: A Love Story

Kaisha-Dyan McMillanJanuary 27, 2020

Are you ready for some "behind the scenes" action? Here are some beginner tips.

Intimacy is always a great way for couples to reconnect and adding a little something new into the bedroom is a great way to enhance connection. And newsflash, a little behind the scenes action (so to speak) does not need to be reserved for rainy days or special occasions.

So, whether the weather outside is frightful or not, anal play can be beyond delightful.

Explore Together

For couples new to anal play, exploring uncharted territory together can do wonders for strengthening their connection. Turns out, the anus is positively brimming with thousands of nerve endings. It’s a treasure trove of pleasure that when activated just right, can lead to an earth shattering orgasm. And if that weren’t enough, male anal play offers the added benefit of reducing pressure and swelling in the prostate.


Whether anal exploration is already in your repertoire and you’re ready to take it to the next level, or it’s new to both of you, taking the time to explore, research, and shop together should be part of the experience.

Use communication to get on the same page by being honest with each other about what you do and don’t want. Establish boundaries—if anal stimulation with fingers and toys is preferred over the penis, say so.

Not only will this communication offer much-needed clarity, but it just might get those pulses racing too.

Turn Prep Into Playtime

Figuring out how to prepare for anal sex also means creating an environment so optimal, that the only thing either of you will be focused on is how good it all feels.

Prepare for the best anal experience by freshening up with a bath or a shower together. Some couples prefer to give themselves enemas to make sure the rectum is free and clear. Not only will this address any concerns about cleanliness, but it also can help each of you feel relaxed, comfortable and ready for more.

Grooming inspires confidence while also ensuring a great time for your partner. Bathe with a Pure Bath Bomb to leave your skin lightly scented with essential oils. If fingers are to be involved, give those nails a trim.

The anus doesn’t produce its own lubricant, so having some handy is a must. Uberlube’s slick, long-lasting formula is perfect for anal play, while a water-based lube like Coconu is a great go-to for using with silicone toys. Hot tip: using lube for sensual massage is pretty effective at getting the party started.

Create ambiance by choosing a playlist, good lighting, and a candle to add to the mood. And make sure to have toys, condoms, a towel, and anything else you need within reach, because trust us: once the fun starts, you won’t want to stop.

Get Down to Pleasure

Now that you’ve established boundaries, created the perfect environment, and prepped and primped yourself, it’s time to have fun. No matter the experience level, use lots of lube and always take things slowly—remember, the anus is a highly sensitive area of the body.

Besides, what’s the rush?

While fingers, tongues, and penises can work plenty of magic on their own, using a butt plug is an excellent way to explore sensation through different sizes, textures, and features. Not only that, but wearing a butt plug during penetrative sex, sensual massage, and even a make-out session can add even more intensity to a very sexy situation.

For first time explorers, we love the Ditto from We-Vibe, with its smaller size and rumbly vibrations it’s sure to rock both of you to your core. Up the ante with the Vector, designed to stimulate both his p-spot and perineum simultaneously. When you’re ready for a fuller experience, the Obsidian Root’s thicker 4.5” circumference will have you feeling all the feels.

Nurturing intimacy and connection is always important. While exploration and a little adventure together lend a little excitement. Put that all together, and all you two are missing is a Do Not Disturb sign for your bedroom door.

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